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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Hearthstonely.com – the website that gives you the inside-track of professional and competitive Hearthstone.



As we all know, the popularity of Hearthstone has grown exponentially since its official release back in March, 2014, and a side effect of that is the development of a healthy pro scene. Not a week goes by without new tournament announcements, player transfers, tournament results, and other pro news so I thought it would be great to follow my own obsession of competitive Hearthstone and go ahead and produce this website.

To clarify, I have never played Hearthstone at pro level, and my amateur tournament record is average at best, but I am passionate about the development of Hearthstone as an esport, and will use Hearthstonely.com to help leverage its growth wherever possible.

Hearthstonely will be written by a small team of devoted writers who share my ethos around the production of high-quality, ‘remarkable’ content using whatever media we have available to us. I am also on the lookout for additional writers and video editors to join the team (more details).

Finally, my aspirations for this website are indeed grand, but I am also aware of the old adage of ‘walk before you can run’. So, please join us and help us develop into the premier online resource for pro hearthstone content.

We can’t do it without you :)

Thanks for reading, and on with the show…

Founder & Editor


Founder and editor of Hearthstonely.com and all-round Hearthstone obsessive. When not engrossed in the Hearthstone pro scene, Birdlepop can be found over-indulging in craft beers, playing guitar like a superhero, and being an all-round japester.

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