The Grand Tournament Cards Pt 4: Video Review


Today I’m going to be reviewing some more Grant Tournament cards. I’m switching it up a little bit in this article, however, because this review’s theme is the cards that I opened on launch day!

In my video I open the packs and talk about some of the cards. I was able to save 4,800g to open 48 packs on launch day! I’ll also recap some of the highlights from the video below.


This is a good Hunter card because it encourages diversity in a class that’s very one dimensional. This card could give rise to a Malygos Hunter deck, which is extremely fun to play. The Elekk is great in that deck because the only minions you have are the 2 elekks, Auctioneer, Emperor, and Malygos so you have a very high chance of winning that joust and adding those key combo pieces to your hand. Outside of this niche role, however, I don’t see this card being played very often as with only 2 health it will trade with cheaper minions such as Leper Gnome and Abusive Sergeant. This card could also potentially see play in late game beast focused Hunter builds.


This guy fits in really nicely in any deck that runs inspire cards. His stats are lackluster for the cost but his effect more than makes up for it. His effect persists as long as you don’t use your hero power so you can wait until you have a big inspire minion in hand like the Kvaldir Raider or the Kodorider, drop them on curve and then cast a free hero power to immediately benefit from the inspire effect. I could see him in some inspirational Priest, Shaman, Mage, and Paladin decks.


The legendary that I pulled, Bolf, is a very interesting card. His effect is completely unique and it works somewhat like taunt. Instead of forcing your opponent to attack him, he instead will re-direct all damage your hero takes to himself. He actually works like a spell-taunt because with a regular taunt minion spells can simply be flung over its head right at your face. Bolf, however, will block spell damage like Fireball and Crackle and re-direct it to himself. I can see him in Warrior or Priest decks, two classes that love having high health minions in play. He’ll provide some extra insurance against Freeze Mage and other classes that like to burst with spell damage.


Whoa, who knew Lightwarden had a big sister? This girl is most likely going to be auto-include status in most standard Priest decks. She’s absolutely nuts; with those stats she’s likely to stay on the board for a turn and if she does, watch out! With the amount of AoE healing that Priests have access to she can quickly snowball out of control.


F-PLlsBx-Xax.840x0.Vdef9KkmI managed to pull 2 copies of the new epic Rogue spell. While I don’t think we’ll see this in competitive play anytime soon, you might see it on the ladder in Rogue mill decks. I played a Rogue mill deck when the card Gang Up came out from BRM. This type of deck is very difficult to play because you’re filling up your opponent’s hand. Adding this card into a Rogue mill deck could be very strong because you’re already making your opponent draw lots of cards by spamming Coldlight Oracles. This card could give that deck the board presence it so desperately needs in order to get through the mid-game. Another note on this card which reduces its value a bit is if it’s milled from your opponent’s deck, you don’t get the Nerubian.

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