Hearthstone Players Launch Team HSP – An Interview With The Founder


Team HSP Joins the Pro Scene

Newcomers to professional Hearthstone, Team HSP shows us what they’re made of.

One of the original websites for Hearthstone, Hearthstone Players has formed their own team, seeking to combine a vast knowledge-base with top-notch, high level play. After a year long deliberation the site creator, Jimmy, decided to take it to the next level and established Team HSP. As the Team Manager, he has brought together some of Hearthstone’s finest talent, ready to take their place among the game’s professional players.

The six members of the team are:



I caught up with Jimmy recently, and asked him some questions regarding his team, and what makes them shine..


Jimmy: Founder of Team HSP



Hello Jimmy, nice to have you with us. For starters, what made you decide to form a pro team?

“We wanted to establish the brand of Hearthstone Players further. We decided to build an esports team to give ourselves a more competitive reputation than just a guide site. We’re kinda doing it the other way compared to Tempo Storm and Team Archon – who built a team first, then started doing articles. We’ve been around since the beginning, so it was an easy transition into the competitive scene.


Is there anything unique about your roster, and how they came to be? 

“There are some interesting bits about the formation of the team. I started asking around of who’s interested, then Hoarth got in touch with me. It’s when I tried to add him on Skype, I realize I already had him on the list. I actually contacted him about a year ago, before BlizzCon, about trying to join his practice group. I was rejected. And Kabi actually gave me like a 2 hour coaching lesson a year ago as well. We recorded the video and pushed it out as content for our site. Funny how our paths have crossed again!”


Does the team plan to practice together, or will they have individual practice groups?

“When you look for competitive players, those that are really serious, they usually already have a practice group (game’s out for 2 years). So yes, most of our players already have their own practice groups, and I see no reason to stop the practice. I guess I lucked out on that one.


What will the team focus on when not preparing for an event?

“There are so many tournaments happening all over the world – that’s what so great about Hearthstone, it being online and all. Right now there’s a tournament every other day, so everyone’s just getting involved in those and practice practice practice!”


Will the team try to compete in as many tournaments as possible?

“Yes we will!” 


Fans enjoy the special rule set events (think Challengestone), does your team plan to participate in, or perhaps host them? 

“YES! We’ll be looking to host a Tavern Brawl tournament soon. Hopefully the next set of Brawl won’t be as one sided as the Neferian vs Rag.”


We look forward to hearing more about Team HSP, and what they bring to the Hearthstone community. Be sure to check out their Team Page for more in-depth information, as well as Twitter and Twitch links.

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