Hearthstone Pro League Finals – Today!


Today and tomorrow the much anticipated Hearthstone Pro League will finish its regular season with 7 matches over the course of 2 days. The Hearthstone Pro League has been going on since June 8th with 16 of the best pros in the business invited to participate in the $60,000 prize pool tournament!

As of now the standings are as follows.

1stSjoW [10-4]

2ndDog [9-4]

3rd – Purple [10-5]

3rdZalae [10-5]

5thNeirea [8-6]

5th – Muzzy [8-6]

5thJAB [8-6]

8thKaldi [7-7]

9thRdu [7-8]

10th – ErA [6-8]

10thek0p [6-8]

10thPowder [6-8]

10thKranich [6-8]

14thSuperjj [5-9]

15thOstkaka [4-9]

16thGreensheep [3-12]

So far Sjow has dominated, taking impressive victories over Powder, Neirea, and Greensheep but Dog, Purple, and Zalae are very close in the standings. The very top of the standings, however, don’t matter particularly much because the top 8 players advance to the LAN finals that begin on Aug 27th so once you reach the top 8 placing better will only get you a better seed into the playoffs. Where the end of the season gets really interesting is down by the cutoff spot with 10 players vying for that coveted 8th place spot that guarantees them a trip to the playoffs.

The action heats up as the first regular season concludes with three matches today and four tomorrow. Today you can catch Superjj vs Ostkaka at 6:30PM EDT, Kranich vs JAB at 7:30PM EDT and finally Dog takes on Powder to finish up the day’s matches at 8:30PM EDT. The match to watch here is definitely Dog vs Powder. Powder needs to secure the win to have a shot at qualifying for the playoffs.

Tomorrow, August 13th, the final day of the regular season begins with Ek0p taking on Ostkaka at 6:30PM EDT followed by Neirea vs Muzzy at 7:30PM EDT, Dog vs Sjow at 8:30PM EDT, and finally Era and Kaldi finish off the regular season at 9:30PM EDT. There are some great matches here on the last day with the most exciting being Dog vs Sjow, the two players at the top of the standings. The result of that match could have important implications for the finals down the road. Neirea and Muzzy have a significant bout against each other on the last day as the winner will most likely advance to the playoff round while the loser could potentially drop past 8th place. Era and Kaldi are both in similar positions as well with their records at 6-8 and 7-7 respectively. A win for Kaldi could propel him into the finals.

It’ll be extremely interesting to watch how these last matches unfold because the finals aren’t going to begin until August 27th, most likely after The Grand Tournament has been released so this tournament will probably be one of the first times we see pros using the new cards once the final round rolls around. We’ll have to wait and see if they stick with their tried and true decks or mix it up with the new cards!

You can catch all the action starting today, August 12th starting at 6:30PM EDT right here.

Image courtesy of pvplive.net

Jonathan G. Martin

Jonathan ‘Qualk’ Martin is a seasoned Hearthstone veteran and experienced content writer who has been around since closed beta. He is not ashamed to say that face hunter is his favorite deck!

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