Hearthstone’s Next Adventure: The League Of Explorers


This weekend at BlizzCon 2015, Blizzard announced the newest adventure campaign for Hearthstone, The League of Explorers. The adventure will have 4 wings, down from the usual 5, and cost $20.00 USD. Sales will begin on November 12th. Players that are new to the game can jump right into this expansion, as the only requirement is that you have all 9 heroes unlocked. Previous expansions are recommended, but not required. As with prior expansions, you will receive a card back for completion of the adventure, as well as one for the Heroic mode.

LoE will feature the usual aspects of adventure mode: A Legendary rewarded for completion of each Wing, a series of class challenges to overcome, and a Heroic mode to master, as well as a new game board. A grand total of 45 new cards will be introduced to Hearthstone with this new adventure, and because there are only 4 wings, F2P players should have an easier time grinding this one out. Initial impressions of the expansion from the YouTube video released on Disguised Toast’s channel seem to convey a different direction than the wild swings of RNG we’ve seen with TGT. There’s even a mode that’s meant for Joust, as seen in the video linked above.

Source: BlizzCon 2015 Video on Disguised Toast’s YouTube Channel

The new mechanic for the adventure is called Discover. The player triggering the effect will be presented with a set of 3 cards based on the criteria stated for the Discover, such as Discover: Beast, or Discover 3 mana card. The cards that are shown to you will only be from your class, and do not have to be in your collection to appear. Hopefully, the new mechanic will add in a bit of controlled RNG to the game, as opposed to things like Unstable Portal that utilize total randomness.

A whole cast of exotic characters will be ready to help the player along this time, and there’s no way I can describe them better than Blizzard, so without further ado. here’s a quote from their press release:

Meet the League: Make friends with renowned explorer and fearless dwarven historian Brann Bronzebeard and the other members of the League of Explorers: dashing treasure hunter extraordinaire Reno Jackson, brilliant night elf scholar Elise Starseeker, and gentleman (gentle-fish?) murloc adventurer Sir Finley Mrrgglton

You can read the entire press release on the Blizzard site, here.

Source: BlizzCon 2015 Video on Disguised Toast's Youtube Channel
Source: BlizzCon 2015 Video on Disguised Toast’s Youtube Channel

This adventure is hot on the heels of The Grand Tournament, which was released in late August of 2015. Blizzard is certainly picking up the pace, and delivering an expansion every 3 months, from the looks of things. Here’s to hoping these cards shake up the meta in a good way, and see a bit more play than the previous expansion. Many decks have remained unchanged since the Blackrock Mountain era, such as Freeze Mage, Midrange Hunter, and Zoo Lock. The deck currently dominating the ladder did come out of TGT, however, and it looks like this new expansion will only make Secret Paladin even stronger with the addition of a new Secret for the Paladin class. Best of luck out there next week!

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