League of Explorer’s Card Review Pt: 1


Welcome to the first part in a new series where I’m going to be giving my thoughts on the new League of Explorer’s cards! In this first article, I’ll be talking about some of the cards that have already been released.

Card Tiers:

Ew: Bad card – won’t see play

Meh: Fairly bad card – probably won’t see play

Fun: A card with interesting potential – will maybe see play

Solid: A very strong card – will definitely see play

Epic: An amazing card – will see play or have entire decks built around it


Explorer’s Hat

Tier: Fun

Will fit into decks: Probably not

Ah, the endless value! Unless your minion gets silenced they’ll always bounce the hat right back to your hand. It’s a fun idea, but not very practical. There have been some experimental decks built around multiplying this card through Baron Rivendare and Feign Death but overall they’re pretty gimmicky. I don’t expect to see this card very often on the ladder and never in professional play.


Forgotten Torch

Tier: Solid

Will fit into decks: Yes

Now the Torch on the other hand, this is a great card. Any direct damage for Mage is a welcome addition, not to mention it adds 6 more damage for you later in the form of a Roaring Torch. With Freeze Mages running Reno Jackson to help stall to the late game, any way that they can deal more damage through different cards is good because the fewer doubles they have in their deck the more likely Reno’s effect will be there when they need it. This is a fantastic card for the Mage arsenal, expect to see it on the ladder in both Freeze and Tempo variants, as well as in competitive tournaments.


Jeweled Scarab

Tier: Solid

Will fit into decks: Definitely

This is an excellent card. It creates a curve for you. You drop it turn 2 and then it gives you a turn 3 play. Yeah it’s just a 1/1 but the fact that it gives you a 3 drop to follow up more than makes up for it. Plus, you can pick whatever one is best for the situation and class you’re facing. Synergy with Brann Bronzebeard is a nice bonus as well. Expect to see this card worm its way into aggressive style Warlock decks.


Rumbling Elemental

Tier: Solid

Will fit into decks: Definitely

This card is begging for a deck to be built around it. If it survives a turn you could clear an opponent’s board with its effect just by dropping a few minions. Not to mention, cards like Brann Bronzebeard go a long way to making these new battlecry decks viable. Expect to see decks built around him on the ladder and he might even make a few appearances in major tournaments.


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