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The new hunter cards probably won’t see much competitive play. Lock and load requires too much investment into that one turn playing as many spells as possible, and Ball of Spiders is just very bad. With it costing 6 you wouldn’t even be able to play it with Buzzard unless you held coin for 10 turns. These cards have some good thought behind them from Blizzard but they’re simply not good enough to fully encourage Hunters into a slower playstyle.


This card could be used in some tournament rogue decks if the player knows they’re going to be up against a slow matchup. If you’re able to build this up slowly with hero powers then unleash a ton of damage with oil it could be good but 4 mana is way too slow to be playing against faster decks. Note: This card might be much better if the interaction with Justicar Trueheart makes it so the hero power gives +2 attack to this weapon.


Inspire is the new effect being introduced in The Grand Tournament, it activates every time you use your hero power.  This card is very good, the inspire effect makes it impossible for your opponent to ignore as you’ll churn out a 3/5 every turn. Will probably be played in druid decks getting it out early with an innervate or wild growths or in Priest decks that can get this guy on the board and keep him alive with hero power and power word shields. The three attack value hits an important number, killing SI:7 agents and Earthen Ring Farseers as well.


This card I’m thinking would actually be very good for establishing an early board, especially as Paladin. You can drop him turn 1 and then hero power turn 2 for a 2/2 and a 1/1 or even better drop 2 of him on turn 1 with coin and then hero power for 2 2/2’s and a 1/1.


This little guy is incredible; he’s got insane stats for the cost, even with overload. This card will single handedly put shamans back on the map in the competitive scene by giving them a lot more options. They’ll be able to easily deal with aggro decks and some creative players might even build aggro decks themselves around this guy.


Ah yes, just what handlock needs, another giant. While he won’t be as immediately useful as a mountain giant or as reliable as the molten giant, you’ll still probably be able to play him most games as a 5 or 6 cost, which is still not bad. Might see some play with Warlock or possibly Priest.


Considering that this is a Battlecry effect, she does not need to stick on the board for you to retain the benefit she provides to your hero power. It’s hard to say which class would benefit the most from her. I’d say probably priest or mage. The mage hero power being 2 damage means they’d have much more control of the field by being able to make more value trades. Priest decks are also controly enough to be able to stall to turn 6 to drop her and then start healing for 4. Keep in mind with Soulpriest that would be 4 damage.   I don’t see her being played in warlock, hunter, or warrior decks that much. Warlocks want to lose life so they can play their molten giants. Hunter decks are generally too fast to warrant bringing a 6 cost minion that’s not called Savannah Highmane, and Warrior decks need that 6 slot for Emperor and have a ton of other ways to gain armor.


Now this is an interesting card, with a 3 body he’ll be able to survive weak removal and his effect is quite powerful. If you can keep him on the board early he’ll help you maintain board control with the Paladin or Mage her power or you can drop him late game in a Paladin deck for some nice combos. For example: Turn 9 you can flood the board with Garrison Commander + Muster + Hero Powerx2. He could be seen in some decks in combination with the other hero power cards such as Maiden of the Lake.

That’s what I think of some of the new cards released so far.  But we’ll have to see how the pros adapt their decks to these new cards.  The last time an expansion like this came out (GvG) it completely revolutionized the mage class, we’ll just have to wait and see which class will benefit the most this time.

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