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Aviana – This card could give rise to some really powerful Druid control decks. The synergy with both Innervate and Emperor Thaurissan will be extremely viable in competitive play. If played on turn 8 after reducing its cost with Emperor you could easily play 4 minions at one cost with the help of an Innervate without even giving your opponent a chance to deal with Aviana. The challenge will be making the right decision of when to play those high cost minions and when to save them for a big Aviana turn.



Dreadscale & Acidmaw – Hunter is the only class in this expansion to receive two new legendary cards. Clearly they have an extremely potent combination when played together on turn 10 providing a complete board clear and leaving you with two 4/2 minions. On their own, however, Dreadscale could be good at slowing down aggro decks or setting up for an explosive trap the following turn, it also has excellent synergy with Hunter’s Mark. Acidmaw has great interaction with small charge minions such as the Stonetusk Boar allowing you to trade your Boar into anything for a 1 to 1 removal. Acidmaw could also work very well in combination with a Wild Pyromancer, providing a full board clear if you can activate the Pyromancer’s effect on the same turn. These two legendary cards are definitely going to give Hunter players more options when crafting control decks.


Rhonin – The new Mage legendary is honestly not that great. It would be so much better if it was a Battlecry, but having to wait until he dies to get the Missiles is going to really bring this card down. Not only is he under the risk of getting silenced, you have to spend a hefty 8 mana just to get him on the board. He could potentially see some play in a spellpower deck but otherwise I think he will sit on the bench unless he’s buffed.


Eadric the Pure – Mr. Pure is an excellent card for Paladins looking to play a very control focused style. This card played at the correct time could completely break your opponent’s momentum. Eadric is definitely going to see some tournament play as very safe late game Paladin decks now have a great AoE Peacekeeper effect to stall out even longer.


Confessor Paletress – While expensive for the stats, the effect is very interesting. You could get a Lorewalker Cho or a Bloodmage Thalnos and have it be quite useless or you could get a Nefarian, Onyxia, or Ragnaros. Another interesting note is that Priests can have access to other class’ legendary minions through this card. Imagine getting a King Krush and just slamming face for lethal out of nowhere. While the randomness might turn off some pro players from running her, expect to see her on the ladder at the very least. Another note, she will likely have to be played on at least turn 9 in order to benefit from her effect before your opponent has a chance to kill her because most players will definitely not let that threat live for a turn if they can help it.


Anub’arak – This card doesn’t fit very well in any current Rogue decks. It’s extremely expensive and will most likely just turn into a 9 mana 4/4. It’s also very vulnerable to Polymorph, Sap, Hex, and Silence, which would completely negate its effect. This could spark a new minion focused style of Rogue play, but right now I wouldn’t expect to see this card in any tournament decks.


The Mistcaller – This card is actually extremely strong against control decks. Yes you’ll have to play a lot of minions afterwards to get full value from it, but all your Nerubian Eggs and Flametongue Totems will have 1 attack, your Zombie Chows will be 3/4…I think you can see where I’m going with this. While very bad against aggro because of the cost, playing this guy on curve against a control deck could definitely win you the game 6 turns later.


Varian Wrynn – Holy Stormwind Batman, what a beast!  A 7/7 body isn’t that great for 10 mana, but the effect more than makes up for it. This guy is a finisher in the biggest sense of the word, worst case scenario; you draw 3 spells and get a big body on the board. Best case scenario; you drop an Ysera, Grommash, and Alexstrasza and your opponent just cries.

Note:  I already reviewed the Warlock legendary here.

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