World Cyber Arena EU Qualifier Recap


16 of Hearthstone’s best faced off in 2 single elimination brackets last weekend in the World Cyber Arena EU Qualifier tournament. The top 2 players from each bracket qualified for the finals at Gamescon, Cologne.

SK Gaming’s AKAWonder and Nihilum’s ThijsNL met in the Quarterfinals of Group B in the WCA EU Qualifier tournament.

ThijsNL [Nihilum] vs AKAWonder [SK Gaming] Quarterfinals Group B

Game 1 – ThijsNL Hunter vs AKAWonder Demon Warlock – AKAWonder was unable to develop a strong board after ThijsNL got insane value from his Leokk with 3 other minions on the board. The game was quickly conceded after AKAWonder had a 50% chance to get Mal’Ganis on the board from a Voidcaller but instead got a Flame Imp, giving ThijsNL the 1-0 lead in the series.

Game 2 – AKAWonder Hunter vs ThijsNL Warrior – AKAWonder dropped Loatheb on curve after a strong opening. He never allowed ThijsNL to develop any kind of armor or board and AKAWonder took the win very quickly in true Hunter style.

Game 3 – AKAWonder Warlock vs ThijsNL Warrior – ThijsNL’s patrons just went crazy against wonder’s low attack minions and ThijsNL was able to take the win handily in the favored warrior matchup.

Game 4 – Wonder’s Paladin vs ThisjsNL Handlock – Wonder has good start with BGH onto Thijs’s mountain giant. ThijsNL had no molten giants in hand at 5 health but held on with a sludge belcher. Sitting at 1 health for multiple turns Thijs continued to put down taunt minions. After finally drawing a Molten Giant he quickly ended the game after a Defender of Argus buffed up his Ragnaros and Molten Giant. With the win ThisjsNL took the win and the series against AKAWonder in 4 games.


Kolento of Cloud 9 dispatched Vortex of Fade 2 Karma in the Quarterfinals of Group A while SjoW of Team Liquid defeated Hoej in 4 games which set up a star-studded Semi-final matchup between Kolento and SjoW.

Kolento [Cloud 9] vs SjoW [Team Liquid] Semi-Finals Group A

Game 1 – Kolento Warlock vs SjoW Hunter – Sjow’s Knife Juggler missed his target on turn 3 leaving Kolento’s Abusive Sergeant alive to trade into Sjow’s Worgen. Sjow knew he was very behind at this point and desperately tried to rush down Kolento with a 4 minion Unleash the Hounds all going face and eventually got Kolento down to 5 health but it was not enough as Kolento was able to use Power Overwhelming on his Voidcaller to finally get his Mal’Ganis on the board. With no way to damage Kolento without first killing Mal’Ganis, SjoW conceded giving Kolento the 1-0 lead in the match.

Game 2 – Kolento Hunter vs SjoW Handlock – Kolento got a strong start with a Scientist followed by a Leokk and an Owl to silence Sjow’s first Twilight Drake. Kolento did exactly what you’re supposed to do against a Handlock and got SjoW down to 14 health to deny a Molten Giant play before bursting him down with his superior board earning himself the quick 2-0.

Game 3 – Kolento Warrior vs SjoW Hunter – In the unfavorable matchup for Hunter SjoW wasn’t helped at all by his starting hand as it was filled with 3 and 4 cost minions. Kolento developed 4 Grim Patrons on his board by turn 6 and was able to get a 3 card Battle Rage which gave him the rest of the tools he needed to finish off SjoW in a very tidy 3 game set from the Cloud 9 player.


In the end the four players to qualify for Gamescon next week were StanCifka [Luminosity Gaming], Kolento [Cloud 9], ThijsNL [Nihilum], and Lifecoach [Nihilum]. Congratulations to them as they look forward to Gamescon in Cologne, Germany and the $10,000 prize pool!


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